Friday, March 18, 2005

Oasis - Tracklisting Details Revealed

Oasis have announced details of the tracklisting for their forthcoming 'Don't Believe The Truth' album. It is as follows...

Turn Up The Sun
Mucky Fingers
Love Like A Bomb
The Importance Of Being Idle
The Meaning Of Soul
Guess God Thinks I’m Abel
Part Of The Queue
Keep The Dream Alive
A Bell Will Ring
Let There Be Love

Noel has also been offering his own appraisal of tracks on the album. According to his royal highness the single 'Lyla' sounds like "the Soundtrack of our Lives doing The Who on Skol in a psychedelic city in the sky", 'The Meaning of Soul' like "Elvis on Red Bell" and of 'Part Of the Queue' he says "Legendary Cuban percussionist Lenny Castro shuffles up a storm. Amazing.". Or it could all just sound like Oasis. We await to see whether Noel is an accurate critic of his own work, but not with baited breath - we don't want to do ourselves a mischief, like.


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