Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fanfare for Neutral Milk Hotel

This is AMAZING!

Several fans on the e6townhall message board came together to celebrate the songs of Neutral Milk Hotel by recording their own humble versions for one another.

The compilation is named Fanfare for Neutral Milk Hotel and includes the following songs

1. "Everything Is" - Myk Martello
2. "April 8th" - Ben Burroughs
3. "Holland, 1945" - DiSH
4. "Communist Daughter" - Wallaby Willington
5. "Two-Headed Boy, Pt. 2" - Beth Atkinson
6. "Little Birds" - Behind the Walls of Revolution
7. "My Dreamgirl Don't Exist" - Jud420
8. "Leave Me Alone" - Paraquat
9. "Through My Tears" - Lusitania
10. "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" - Jackie & Dan
11. "Sailing Through" - Artiste
12. "Oh Sister" - Quadrophonic Potatoeheads
13. "Song Against Sex" - Your Secret Admirer
14. "A Baby For Pree" - Topdown Jimmy
15. "Up And Over (King Of Carrot Flowers Pt. 3)" - The Vertigo Poets
16. "Where You'll Find Me Now" - Johnny Scantron & The #2's
17. "Oh Comely" - Gavin Bachner
18. "Engine" - The Homeville Circle

Some of the cover tracks are really good. You must have it. All the tracks are available for download here (zip).

About the news on NMH, visit this fansite.

Bonus Download:

Jeff Mangum - Live at Jittery Joe's | 2


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