Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Download

I will just add a short comment on todays download. The albums from The Comas (Pitchfork rate it 8.0) and The Out Crowd are really beautiful indie releases and I recommend it to everyone. Larry the Cable Guy is a comedian, not a musician, and if you want to get laughed just listen to him.

The Comas - Conductor

The Out Crowd - Go On, Give A Damn

Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails

Butthole Surfers - American Tornados (Live 93)
The Shins - Live Concerts
Garden State OST
Lynard Skynard Steel Guitar Tribute
Larry the Cable Guy - The Right to Bare Arms
Wolfmother - Wolfmother EP (check PD)
Screaming Urge - Impulse Control
Coldplay - Speed of Sound Single
Elvis Presley - Collection

A dir with Star Wars Christmas album and more.
A nice dir here, one here and another here.


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