Thursday, June 23, 2005

Butterfly Boucher + Eisley + KEXP Selection

OK. You've listened to all those girls bands playing soft and hard rock, you liked female artist like PJ Harvey, bands like Rilo Kiley, etc. So now is the time to meet the Butterfly Boucher.

Born in the middle of a seven-daughter family with creative and free-spirited parents, Butterfly Boucher's first name was suggested by some divine intervention her mother was experiencing. A picture on an elementary school wall, a print on a dance teacher's leotard, and a 45rpm single of "The Butterfly Song," brought home by one of her other daughters, all pointed to the name. Her father had pursued a professional career in music but when that failed, all their possessions were given away and the family piled into the car and traveled to Australia's outback. Things settled down, but the wandering spirit stuck with Butterfly. Since most of her young friends had little interest in creating music, Butterfly was left to play all the instruments herself when she started experimenting with a four-track recorder at the age of ten. She later joined her sister's band, the Mercy Bell, on bass, but when a record deal fell through some of the siblings headed to Europe to form a busking "street theater" group. A friend and fellow musician Mike Dixon appreciated Butterfly's stage presence and talent and suggested she try a solo career. Spending every bit of money she had, Butterfly bought a laptop for recording and headed to Stockton, England to refine her writing and playing. She recorded demos, playing every instrument once again, and through Dixon's connections in the business, she ended up with a contract with A&M records. The fully realized demos didn't need much added to them, and appeared mostly untouched on her debut, Flutterby, released in late 2003. ~ David Jeffries, All Music Guide

Butterfly Boucher - Collection

Eisley makes one of the most impressive, entertaining and instantly accessible full-length album debuts in recent memories with Room Noises. With guitar pop-rock from three sisters, their brother and a best friend, most still teenagers, Room Noises justifies what the buzz is about-the future.

Eisley - Room Noises

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thanks for the butterfly boucher! ive been looking for a copy of her album and there you are!---cowlicks

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