Thursday, September 15, 2005

Devendra Banhart Live on KCRW

A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, Devendra Banhart always used art as his means of communicating. Whether through poetry, painting or music, the artist's talent is only surpassed by his eclectic nature. After meeting Bill Berkson, who became a trusted friend and inspiration to Banhart, the young talent would often record songs on shoddy and sometimes broken four-track cassette recorders. The tracks, which sometimes clocked under one minute, were not meant for the outside world and were more stream-of-conscious. But after hearing these tracks, friends began persuading him to make his songs open to a larger audience. After sending out demo cassettes, which were enclosed with a marble and shipped in stationary from the French Treasury Department, Banhart was discovered by Young God Records founder Michael Gira. After thinking of producing Banhart in the proper studio environment, Gira decided to let the songs speak for themselves unaltered. In October 2002, Banhart released his debut album, Oh My Oh My on Young God Records. An EP (Black Babies) arrived in 2003, followed by the acclaimed full-length Rejoicing in the Hands. The latter made many a critic's top ten list, resulting in the quick release of its companion piece Nino Rojo. Cripple Crow followed in September of 2005. His vocals have been compared to Nick Drake, Daniel Johnston and even Tiny Tim. He has performed with Smog and has appeared at numerous lauded venues such as New York's CBGBs. He is also the author of The Thumbs Touch Too Much. The presented is Devendra Banhart live appearance at KCRW from 05.05.2004.

Devendra Banhart - Live on KCRW

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Scooter - The Stadium Techno Experience


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