Friday, September 30, 2005

Live Reggae: Bob Marley + Peter Tosh

Reggae's most transcendent and iconic figure, Bob Marley was the first Jamaican artist to achieve international superstardom, in the process introducing the music of his native island nation to the far-flung corners of the globe. Marley's music gave voice to the day-to-day struggles of the Jamaican experience, vividly capturing not only the plight of the country's impoverished and oppressed but also the devout spirituality that remains their source of strength. His songs of faith, devotion, and revolution created a legacy that continues to live on not only through the music of his extended family but also through generations of artists the world over touched by his genius.

Bob Marley - Live In Pittsburgh 9-23-80

Singer, musician, composer, and rebel Peter Tosh cut a swathe through the Jamaican musical scene, both as a founding member of the Wailers and as a solo artist. He toured with the Rolling Stones and had an international hit with a duet with Mick Jagger, then toured again to equally rapturous world audiences as the headlining act. His words would cause an uproar at the One Peace concert, but then unlike fellow Wailer Bob Marley, Tosh always made his true feelings known.

Peter Tosh - Acoustic, Chicago 1-7-77

Editors - The Back Room
Jello Biafra with The Melvins - Sieg Howdy
Alice In Chains - Greatest Hits + MTV Unplugged
Amon Tobin - Out From Out Where
MXPX - Panic
311 - Don't Thread On Me
The Exies - Inertia
Candlebox - Candlebox
Albums: Tortoise, Franz Ferdinand (new), Weezer, etc.
Interpol - Percipitate EP
Albums: Alice In Chains, Audioslave, Breakig Benjamin, etc.
Albums: Jack Johnson, Pete Yorn, Incubus
System Of A Down - Mezmerize
Fear Factory - Transgression
Sultans Of Ping - 4 Albums
Alternative/Rock Albums
The Frames - Dance The Devil


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Thanks for the Editors they sound a lot like Interpol don't they? or am i being too simplistic?

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Yes, they sound like Interpol indeed. That was also my first impression when I heard them for the first time. But nevertheless they are a great band. Cheers

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