Monday, October 17, 2005

The Arrogants

The Arrogants are 5 members indie pop outfit from Huntigton Beach, California. They are formed in 1998 by three of McFerson brothers and their "adopted sister" Janna Wittern (now Heller). The band later added the fifth memeber, Billy Pena, on the drums. The Arrogants deliver a sort of emotinal-pop music leaded by a very gentle voice of the singer Janna Heller and a compact instrumentation of the McFersons. The music is warm and sweet, acoustic songs are especially nice, and sometimes the electronic is used in a very moderate way. Listening to "Lovesick" song from the latest release, proves that the band is capable for making some true hits as well.

The band has recently released the new album, "You've always known when best so say goodbye...", 23 songs LP, that is the follower to their first two EP releases, "Nobody's cool" and "Your simple beauty", freely available for download at the band's official site. The new album can be purchased at Tweekitten.

The Arrogants - Lovesick
The Arrogants - Cool Shoes
The Arrogants - I Want You
The Arrogants - Wishing Well


Blogger Amie said...

the arrogants are a great band.
i'm glad you posted them so more people could hear about them!!

3:55 AM  
Blogger Saiman Miah said...

yeah brilliant

6:26 PM  

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