Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hope Of The States Live

In an era where pop music has been processed and packaged to oblivion and rock has regressed to the point that it's pretty much lost its way, Hope Of the States are signposting a way forward. Their debut album doesn't follow rock's conventions. There are 'rock' songs that eschew verse-chorus in favour of almost classical structures; blasts of pure noise that somehow coexist with beautiful, sublimely bittersweet melodies and walls of guitar nestle happily alongside trumpets and strings. It is unashamedly, triumphantly epic and could well have people struggling to find comparisons in everything from obscure noise bands to film soundtrack composers. Perhaps most impressively, their album The Lost Riots confirms that - in a year of sallow easy-listening and lyrically-bankrupt songwriting teams - Hope Of the States are a band with something to say.

Hope Of The States - Live At Camden Crawl 10-03-2005
Hope Of The State - 66 Sleepers To Summer (Live @ Lamacq, Nov 2002)

Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy
Lewis And Clark - Bare Bones And Branches
The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell ...And Back + Live, SIlverchair
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Madonna - Confessions On A Dance Floor


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