Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Meredith Bragg And The Terminals

Meredith Bragg got his first guitar the summer before 8th grade. On the ride home from the music store he learned how to play the three-note NBC theme in the back of the van. He wrote his first song a few weeks later and hasn't come up for air since. Today Meredith is regularly backed up by his band The Terminals, consisting of Brian Minter on piano/keyboards, Jonathan Roth on drums, and Elizabeth Olson on cello. Hailing from the eastern seaboard, Meredith Bragg and The Terminals play acoustic indie-rock to those fortunate enough to be in earshot.

The Departures EP is the highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed debut full length, Volume 1. Bragg continues to wield his astounding songwriting skills and innate grasp of atmospherics. The EP was recorded in the spring of 2005 by Chad Clark and T.J. Lipple (Dismemberment Plan, Aloha, Minus Story, Beauty Pill) at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia.

Meredith Bragg and the Terminals - Talk Me Down [radio edit]
Meredith Bragg and the Terminals - Before the Storm
Meredith Bragg and the Terminals - Work and Winter
Meredith Bragg ant the Terminals @ MySpace

Carissa's Wierd - You Should Be At Home Here
+ Mount Eerie, Ogre You A**hole, Reindeer, Woelv
Indie Music
Racoon - Another Day
Gorillaz - Demon Days
Kanye West - Late Registration
Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane
Maroon 5 - Live Acoustic
Chill Out Compilations


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