Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ross Golan And Molehead

The music of Ross Golan is a mixture of different genres, from reggae to rock, politically inspired, pointed against 'the machine', criticizing the system and calling for peace and justice. Ross refers to Eminem's role influencing the youth ('Dear Slim'), sings about Martha Stewart ('Martha Stewart') and call the people to stand up against injustice ('Move').

Minimalist rap-rock and political agitation are Ross Golan's modus operandi. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, began playing piano at five years old, and left the Windy City when he was 18 to find more fertile musical territory in Los Angeles. He ended up in East L.A., where he met drummer Bryan Head and bass player Billy Mohler. With a lyrical focus on left-wing politics and music steeped in the Beastie Boys and Sublime, the three recorded their debut album, Reagan Baby, with producer Marvin Etzioni in 2003. The album was released on Insider in 2004.

Ross Golan And Molehead - Reagan Baby (album stream)
Ross Golan And Molehead @ MySpace

Grant Lee Buffalo, Grant Lee Phillips, Kristin Hersh, etc.
Hip Hop Albums: The Game, 2Pac, Turk, etc.
Vitalic - Ok Cowboy
Neil Diamond - 12 Songs


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Neil Diamond link is giving a Page Cannot Be Displayed message...

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Anonymous Daver from Chicago said...

Thanks for the Grant Lee Buffalo stuff. "Mockingbirds" is one of the greatest songs ever.

4:25 PM  
Blogger Urbainxavier said...

Hello... I like you're Blog... the Bonus stuff more so... I't's so hard these days to find nice Directories... Everybody is using Rapidshare.
So thank you for you're hard work.

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