Thursday, February 23, 2006

(The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope

The Washington, D.C., band (The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope was formed by Damien C. Taylor in 1995, but it was only sporadically active in its first few years, with many personnel changes and privately distributed cassettes. Finally, Taylor settled on a rhythm section of brothers Mike Dugan (bass) and John Dugan (drums) for a July 2000 recording session. The session yielded an EP, These Are (The Sounds Of) Kaleidiscope, released by Foxy Boy Records in July 2002. More changes resulted in a new lineup of Taylor (guitar and vocals) and two former members of the Ropers, Douglas Bailey (bass) and Alex Hacker (drums), plus guitarist Edward Donohue and organist Brian Kalkbrenner, who appeared on a second EP, Can and Do What They Will, released in 2004 and then joined on, making the group a quintet. They then went on to record their first full-length CD, From Where You Were to How You Got There, released on Hackshop Records in February 2006. Between the recording sessions and the release date, Donohue left the band and was replaced by Michael Hirst.

(The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope - New Language
(The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope - Oh My Mind

The Decemberists - Picaresqueties [EP]
Hard-Fi - Stars Of CCTV
The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
Frida - OST
Broken Flowers - OST
Good Bye Lenin! - OST


Anonymous daver from chicago said...

That looks like John Lennon in the picture. I guess that in itself speaks well of the band, no?

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