Thursday, March 30, 2006


I always had a kind of sensibility for the bands coming from the central Europe. Usually I do classify them in 3 different categories. The first are those that make great music but sing in their native languages and therefore have a little chance to grow outside their country borders. The second are those that copy any sort of new wave that comes from the UK or the States and the third are completely unique and innovative and sound like nothing you've heard before or at least have that something that makes them sound different than the others. About is one of these. The man behind About is Rutger Hoedemaekers, a pop artist from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The About's music could be described as electropop but there is something more in it. The song patterns are untypical and catchy, well balanced and mixed with excellent vocals. It's clear that a lot of effort was involved in creation of every song. Be sure to check it out. About has just released his debut album, "Bongo", on Cock Rock Disco label. By the way, the Cock Rock Disco has made available a free-downloadable compilation of the songs from their artists that you can get here.

About - ThinkNileDrinks
About - Strike You As The Enemy
About - ThinkNileDrinks (video)
About @ MySpace

Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies !!!
Morrissey - Ringleader Of The Tormentos (2006) !!!
Gomez - How We Operate (2006) !!!
The Jam - Snap! (Spec) (3CD)
Sufjan Stevens - Christmas Album
Morrissey - You Are The Quarry
Hair - OST
Green Day - Warning
Albums: Adam Sandler, The Pharcyde, NERD, Avenged Sevenfold


Anonymous bhlogiston said...

Thx a lot for your patience. ev'ryday I step in for some minutes and I'm glad to take your gifts
today I want to say thx. - have a good time, chers from zurich

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am just going to go by annonymous but your site is bookmarked and its a great read. Much props for the sufjan live show. awesome.

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Anonymous L said...

Thanks for the fresh Gomez !

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