Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Agent Sparks

Agent Sparks is a 4-member alternative/indie band from LA area playing music that could be described as a mixture of Veruca Salt and Pixies. The songs sound fresh and raw and are not unnecessarily smoothed like those from Zwan. The lead vocals fit well together and come from guitarist Ben Einziger (brother of Mike Einziger from Incubus) and Stephanie Eitel (ex Audiovent) who plays the keyborads as well. Paul Fried is playing bass and George Purviance is on drums. In September 2005 the band made a deal with Immortal Records and released 5-track debut EP - Not So Mery. The lyrical content on the EP tackles everything from the President's proposed draft and religious preachers to self inflicted insecurities and adolescent popularity as it relates to adult society and pop culture today. The EP was produced by Mike Einziger and engineered/mixed by Rick Will. Agent Sparks prepare a new release, their full-length debut called Red Rover. Currently Agent Sparks are on tour with Daphne Loves Derby, Waking Ashland and Quiet Drive. Check them out.

Agent Sparks - Mr. Insecurity
Agent Sparks - Pollyanne
Agent Sparks - Camouflage (Live)
Agent Sparks - It's Not My Time (Live)
Agent Sparks @ MySpace

Röyksopp - The Understanding Deluxe 2CD
Blackmail - Friend Or Foe
Fugazi - The Argument
Radiohead - Ok Computer
Björk - The Best Of
Faith No More - This Is It - The Best Of
Peter Gabriel - So
Deftones - Around The Fur
Albums: Pink Floyd, Metallica, Paul Simon, Madonna,
Blackmail, Seeed, Marillion, Filter
The Beta Band - Heros To Zeros
High Fidelity - OST
Sufjan Stevens - Come On Feel The Illinoise
Marta Wainwright - Marta Wainwright
Symphonic Beatles


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