Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Acorn

A very cool indie band from Ottawa, The Acorn, combines electro-acoustic melodies with computer-generated beats and samples, backed by the smooth bass lines. The music of the Acorn is dreamy and joyful, and the vocals are excellent.

The Acorn are Rolf, Jeff, Howie and Jeffrey. The band started in the Fall of 2004, when they began composing and arranging together. In July 2004, they released a sweet, instrumental tribute to the idyllic and vowel-heavy Outaouais region, called "The Pink Ghosts." They have since shared the stage with some of their favourite bands, such as The Wooden Stars, Snailhouse, Elliot Brood, Gentleman Reg, Julie Doiron, Jim Bryson, We're Marching On!, Ohbijou, Great Lake Swimmers, Detective Kalita, the robot ate me, and many more. Their new release is called "Blankets!" with an exclamation point to show how serious they are about thermal coverings, both literal and figurative. It's a four-song EP that highlights the strengths of a band that has gelled over a year of solid touring. Gone are the bucolic instrumentals and bedroom IDM, as the band has delved into more intricate acoustic arrangements and euphoric melodies, which have become the trademark of their energetic live show. The EP is released for the indie label Kelp Records.

The Acorn - Blankets
The Acorn - Plates & Saucers
The Acorn - Live In Royal Albert Hall
The Acorn @ MySpace

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