Saturday, April 15, 2006


In today's musical cookie cutter world, Conner somehow pull off a sound that feels both uniquely cutting edge and classically familiar. Their new album "Hello Graphic Missile" combines 70's funk bass lines, hard-hitting disco/dance drum riffs and complex rock guitar for a sound that hits the brain somewhere between off-kilter art and on-the-pulse pop. Listen to it once, and its catchy melodies and stick-in-your-head rhythms will suck you in. Listen to it again, and you'll fall for its intricately placed parts and provocative lyrics.

Formed around the core of longtime friends and band mates James Duft and Phil Bonahoom, Conner lost its original drummer to the Boston Conservatory of Music and began experimenting with a few other musicians who just didn't quite gel. Eventually, everything came together with the addition of Bryce Boley. Duft says the decision to include Boley was based almost entirely on personality and a similar music aesthetic, even before the drummer had demonstrated his metronome-perfect pace. The final piece of the puzzle was the fateful meeting with guitarist Tom Wagner. Wagner happened to run Underground Sounds Studio, where the band recorded its first demo and, consequently, every recording since. After spending so many hours knocking songs around in the studio together, Wagner was a natural fit when the band wanted to include another guitarist.

Since Conner solidified its lineup, the band has not looked back. Releasing two independent full-lengths CD's since 2003, playing live shows across the country and gaining radio, internet and media attention, Conner has rarely seen a dull moment. Neither have their fans. No matter how much you love Conner's newest record, "Hello Graphic Missile" (Sonic Boom Recordings), the real experience begins when you've seen the group's raucous, rambunctious and amazingly tight live show. Between Duft's engaging vocals, Boley's quick feet and Wagner and Bonahoom's absolutely explosive guitar and bass solos, fans will tell you that their shows often escalate to a sweaty, wailing, electric mass that throws you into Conner's tightly woven reality. But don't take their word for it; check out Conner when they come through your town and see for yourself.

Conner - Cold Feelings
Conner @ MySpace

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Anonymous Pinky said...

You're too awesome!
Thanks for the BTS link-up!

7:08 PM  
Anonymous daver from chicago said...

Great post! Having listened to Conner's MySpace tunes, I hear Television in a big way, albeit a bit funkier. Maybe a little Talking Heads, too. In any case, this is some cool (in every sense of the word) shit that must kick ass live. And, speaking of cool, they're from Lawrence, KS!!!

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen to this!
Hope you like it...

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