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Islands are the former Unicorns members, Nicholas Thorburn (vocals) and Jamie Thompson (drums), with Patrice Agbokou on bass, and at least temporarily, Jim Guthrie on guitar. Islands is a band that is always in flux, with membership changing when appropriate. Most recently two string players, Alex Chow and Sebastian Chow, and a bass clarinetist, Patrick Gregoire, joined the band. Although the two founding members of Islands (Nick and Jamie) were members of The Unicorns, whose album Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? made pitchforkmedia's top 50 albums of 2003 list, Islands is a completely new and independent project. This, in contrast to Th' Corn Gangg, which began as a direct off-shoot project of The Unicorns several months prior to their December 2004 break-up One of Islands' first live performances was opening for Beck at the 2005 Pop Montreal music festival. In late October of 2005 Islands went on a short tour with Beck on the west coast of the USA. In mid-2005 Islands recorded a debut album titled Return To The Sea, which will be released in April of 2006. The album was recorded in Montreal, Canada, at Breakglass Studio and in Jamie's bedroom, and was produced by audio engineer / record producer Mark Lawson. Return To The Sea was re-mastered in England for the European version of the album, and will be released there by Rough Trade Records on April 3. In North America, the album will be released on upstart label Equator Records) on April 4. The album features numerous guest appearances, including members of The Arcade Fire. Two songs, "Flesh" and "Abominable Snow", have been released to public, and were available at The Simple Mission in June of 2005, though neither will appear on the debut album. Note that "Abominable Snow", written by Nick Diamonds, is a remake, as it was originally played live by The Unicorns on numerous occasions, then called "Abominable Snowman".

Islands @ MySpace

Islands - Return To The Sea !!!
Old 97s - Drag It Up
Mylo - Destroy Rock And Roll
Gentleman Reg - Darby And Joan
Love Psychodelyco - The Greatest Hits


Blogger lunacorvus said...

the Mylo album on that link is all kinds of messed up.

thanks tho!

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Mylo album worked for me. What do you mean by messed up?

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

islands are a very very good band.

9:58 PM  
Anonymous charlie said...

i think he means that the url to the directory is broken or something cause i'm getting a 404 on it.

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