Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Kooks

The Kooks are one of those bands that got in the very beginning an etiquette of the Strokes followers. According to NME, the Kooks are one of the best british live bands. They played together with the Thrills, the Dead 60s and are currently supporting Subways on their tour.

Brighton’s The Kooks are that rarest of pop entities: a scuzzy, fresh-faced group to fully restore your faith in the holy grail of English singer-songwriting stretching from Supergrass via (early) Blur to The Kinks and beyond. Their songs are crammed full of incidents on buses, bedroom mishaps -more of which laterand stinging teenage putdowns which will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever found themselves fumbling for clues on the sofa, but they’re also blessed with a cheerful irreverence most record companies would prefer was preserved in amber rather than rampaging across the nation’s venues. It doesn’t end there. Pin-sharp and scarily young (guitarist Hugh usurps Jared Followill as the youngest man in rock, having just turned seventeen), they also possess record collections which date back to the dawn of time.

In the course of an hour The Kooks (Luke: vocals,guitar; Hugh Harris; lead guitar, Max Rafferty; bass, Paul Garred; drums) will happily rave about everyone from The Police to The Everley Brothers to Funkadelic to the component parts of medieval folk. Probe further and it turns out the first song they played together was The Strokes’ ‘Reptilia’.

The Kooks have released their debut album "Inside In, Inside Out", that has already delivered a couple of singles, "Eddie's Gun", "Sofa Song", Naive Pt.1, Naive Pt.2 and "You Don't Love Me Pt.1".

The Kooks - Naive
The Kooks - Eddies Gun
The Kooks - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)

Calexico - Garden Ruin (2006) !!!
Arab Strap - The Last Romance !!!
Beth Orton - Comfort Of Strangers !!!
Howe Gelb - Sno Angel Like You !!!
Lampshade - Let's Away
Jane Birkin - Fictions
Sophie Zelmani - 1995-2005: Decade Of Dreams
The Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics
Jack Johnson - Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies
Hot Hot Heat - Make Up The Breakdown !!!
Daphne Loves Derby - Unreleased Demos !!!
+ Jem, Beat Crusaders, Shakkalabbits, M-Flo
The Streets - The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living (2006) !!!
The Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free
Andy C - Nightlife Vol. 3
Aimee Mann - The Forgotten Arm !!!
L'Angelus - Ca C'est Bon
Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism + You Can Play This Songs With Chords !!!
The Circle Jerks - Group Sex / Wild In The Streets
They Might Be Giants - Miscellaneous T
The Sea, Like Lead - EP
Mykal - Just Me
Alternative/Indie Albums (slow)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post today, the kooks were actually recomended to me the other day as well!! steve_r

2:31 PM  
Blogger Markus said...

and this is not the same kooks that put out an album called 'too much is not enough'? isnt there another kooks from sweden?

6:21 PM  
Anonymous charlie said...

excellent linkdump, thanks for this

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, the Kooks that are coming on are gonna release an album called 'Inside In/Inside Out' or something...

8:07 PM  

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