Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Juana Molina

Juana originally made a name for herself as an actress and comedienne in her native Argentina, eventually starring in her own successful sitcom (Juana Y Sus Hermanas or "Juana And Her Sisters"). At the height of her popularity, she walked away from it all to focus on her first passion, music (Juana's father was a respected classical/folk performer). Juana's formal musical introduction to the Northern Hemisphere came with the release of her second album, Segundo. Quietly but surely, that album worked its way into playlists of discerning listeners and earning press accolades along the way. 2004ʼs follow-up, Tres Cosas, was equally revered, as Jon Pareles of the New York Times named it a top 10 record of the year, won even more fans and Juana garnered touring opportunities from fans as diverse as Savath & Savalas, David Byrne, Belle and Sebastian, and Sam Prekop.

After a hard-earned break, Juana spent the end of 2005 working on her first new material in over two years. Utilizing guitar, keyboards, cymbals, gongs, bombo legüero and bass, Son was recorded and produced entirely at home by Juana. “When I started to write the songs for this record, a new element that may have been hidden for a long time appeared; the randomness of the combination of sounds in nature. Each bird has a particular singing; nevertheless this singing is always different. It is not a pattern; itʼs a drawing, a sound and a mode... only a few elements that each bird combines in a new way each time.”

Juana will be hitting the road in North America in June with José Gonzaléz and Psapp.

Juana Molina - Micael
Juana Molina - Malherido
Juana Molina - No Seas Antipatica

Frank Black - Honeycomb


Blogger furgoner said...

estimado, don´t speak english
the father de juana, horacio molina, is perfomer of tango.
excellent blog!!!!!!
proyect train skethces

3:46 PM  
Anonymous kate said...

Juana Molina is starting to pop up everywhere. I love her! Especially "Micael."

4:44 PM  
Anonymous charlie said...

thanks. that frank black album is top notch. do you have any idea if there will ever be a pixies release again?

2:04 AM  

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