Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kill Hannah Live

Kill Hannah was essentially vocalist/guitarist Mat Devine's dorm room four-track baby until a move to Chicago in 1995. After recruiting a few supporting players, Devine and Kill Hannah debuted the sound -- a glitzy mix of gothic tendencies and fashionably crunchy modern rock. Steady local gigs followed, as did a series of self-released EPs and a couple of albums (1997's Here Are the Young Moderns, 1999's American Jet Set). Devine finally found a lineup that stuck as his band's dogged, sometimes thankless tour of duty on the Chicago music scene dragged into the new millennium. With guitarists Dan Wiese and Jonathan Radtke, bassist Greg Corner, and drummer Garrett Hammond along for the ride, Kill Hannah continued to build a buzz locally while showcasing for majors frequently. The hard work finally paid off in late 2002, when Devine and the band signed with Atlantic. For Never & Ever appeared in October 2003; in addition to new material, it featured a few retooled versions of older songs. Kill Hannah toured in support of the album through year's end.

Kill Hannah - Live In Chicago 9-18-2004
Kill Hannah @ MySpace

The Wrens - The Meadowlands !!!
A.C. Newman - The Slow Wonder !!!
Man Man - Six Demon Bag (2006) !!!
Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire - The Swimming Hour !!!
Doves - The Last Broadcast !!!
RHCP - Stadium Arcadium (2006)
+ OK Go, Band Of Horses, The Go! Team, The Rakes, Reel Big Fish, Les Than Jake,
Suicide Machines, Zebrahead, Catch 22, Sublime, Streetlight Manifesto, Green Day, etc.
65 Days Of Static, Venetian Snares, Belladonnakillz, etc.
Manga Soundtracks


Anonymous charlie said...

awesome score, everyone queue up and you'll get a turn eventually.

6:41 AM  
Anonymous charlie said...

hahaha, i was just browsing plan B's blog and i just realized your link dump today comes from their horde of free music. nicely done, nicely ironic.

8:04 AM  

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