Friday, July 14, 2006

Bound Stems

Chicago's Bound Stems is Dan Fleury (guitar), Bobby Gallivan (vocals, guitar), Janie Porche (vocals, guitar, sampler, violin, etc.), Dan Radzicki (bass, keys, vocals) and Evan Sult (drums, tapes). Fleury, Radz, and Bobby were friends from high school basketball on; Evan arrived from Seattle and Harvey Danger in September 2002. They started writing songs all the time, then playing out, then writing some more, and by the time Janie had completed the transition from friend to roommate to band member, The Logic of Building the Body Plan EP had been released by Flameshovel Records and they were deep into the construction of Appreciation Night, Bound Stems' debut full-length, also on Flameshovel.

Appreciation Night was two years in the making. Now that it is complete, the members of Bound Stems have disengaged their real jobs (high school history teacher, comic book art director, lab tech, hi-tech techs) in favor of their heretofore fake job as a touring band. It's an act of faith consistent with the characters on the record, the architecture of the songs, and the implied narrative arc. It's time to spread the good word. Get excited about counting again.

Two vocals (Bobbie and Janie), excellent guitars and dissonant melodies make the sound of Bound Stems exciting and enjoyable. Having a sneak preview of some songs from their upcoming album, the impression is that Bound Stems will grow big. Appreciation Night will be made available this September on Flameshovel records. Highly Recommended!

Bound Stems - Andover (from Appreciation Night)
Bound Stems - Western Biographic (from Appreciation Night)
Bound Stems - Refuse The Refuse (from Appreciation Night)
Bound Stems - Wake Up, Ma And Pa Are Gone (from The Logic of Building the Body Plan EP)
Bound Stems - My Kingdom For A Trundle Bed (from The Logic of Building the Body Plan EP)
Bound Stems - Crimes & Folies (from The Logic of Building the Body Plan EP)
Bound Stems - Wake Up, Ma And Pa Are Gone ( live on WLUW)
Bound Stems - Risking Life And Limb For The Coupon ( live on WLUW)
Bound Stems @ MySpace

They Might Be Giants - Then: The Earlier Years !!!
The Olivia Tremor Control - Black Foliage Animation Music Vol.1 !!!
Frou Frou - Details
Voltaire - The Devil's Bris
The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema
30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie
Jack Johnson And Friends - Curious Geroge
James Copperthweite & Olivier Vessey - Obscura
Fools & Horses - Pop Filter (2006)
Stride - Bah Humbug + Imagine + Music Machine
The Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
KT Tunstall - Eye To The Telescope
Mansun - Attack Of The Great Lantern
The Listening - The Listening
Fatboy Slim - The Greatest Hits
Failure - Fantastic Planet


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