Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Envelopes are indie-pop outfit from Malmoe, Sweden. The band consists of Henrik Orrling (vocals, guitars, keyboard), Audrey Pic (vocals, guitars, keyboard), Fredrik Berglind-Dehlin (guitars), Filip Ekander (Drums) and Martin Karlsson / Ulf Hglund (Bass).

First Envelopes never saw eachother except for holidays since they were spread other Sweden and France for some obvious convenient reasons related to the hard reality of life. Then they went to Northen Yorkshire in a farm with real animals like horses and pigs. There they rehearsed, recorded new demos, made the Sister in Love video and could admire how everyday was bringing a new light to the famous shit mountain that stood next to their house.

During that time their debut album DEMON was released. First in Uk (august 2005), april 2006 in USA and soon in the rest of Europe (may 2006), and a CD single as well, called FreeJazz, in february 2006. Now Envelopes are recording their new album in Sweden, in the Tambourine studios, the studio of the band Eggstone. Envelopes have just released the limited 12-inch single I Don't Even Know, Remix, available via Rough Trade.

The music of Envelopes is melodic, catchy and poppy. Two vocals sound very interesting, and the melodies are very nice. One can feel the influence of Pixies in their songs. Recommended for all the fans of the Unicorns, Architecture In Helsinki, Figurines and Pixies.

Envelopes - Sister In Love
Envelopes @ MySpace

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Anonymous joffa h said...

have u listened to feathers?
will it be their album for downloading any time soon ;)?

12:25 PM  
Blogger mp3hugger said...

It's The Law and Sister In Love are generally on my stereo every weekend. Yet more delightfulness from Sweden. Thanks.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's so damn amusing to fish around through the parent directories of the places you find these links. i've seen some of the funniest shit on the internet lately thanks to you. the music is top notch too.

10:23 AM  

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