Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Naama Hillman

Naama Hillman is a Singer/Songwriter based in London. She was born in Israel and grew up in America where her musicality was evident from the very early years, as she studied classical piano before discovering the guitar. Although influenced by artists such as Carole King, Neil Young, Zero 7 & Sarah Mclachlan, Naama's song writing is unique and very much her own.

With “striking melodies and strong lyrical content” (Time Out, London), Naama is no stranger to live performance. She constantly wins over audiences throughout her gigs in London (The Borderline, 12 Bar Club), New York (Arlene’s Grocery, CBGB’s) and Tel Aviv (Camelot).

After spending time in the studio with a small but significant group of collaborators; honing her skills as a songwriter and producer, Naama emerged with the finished product - "Living Room", a CD offering 11 original tracks.

As a follow up to her first album, “Living Room”, Singer/Songwriter Naama Hillman has released an acoustic EP available to download for free from her website. The EP is called “In Between the Lights” and includes 5 acoustic songs, both new and old, including a cover of the Johnny Cash hit, “Ring of Fire”. The idea behind the EP was to capture some of the magic in Naama’s performances and to showcase a more natural sound.

Naama's voice is beautiful, the songs are mellow and emotional, and the acoustic performance is excellent. Recommended!

Naama Hillman - In Between The Lines [EP]

David Bazan - Fewer Morning Parts [EP] (2006)
Betty Davis - Betty Davis + They Say I'm Different
+ Junction, James Hollingworth
NOFX - Wolves In Wolves Clothing + Never Trust A Hippy [EP] (2006)
+ Pistolita, Still Motion, System Of A Down
Gotan Project, The Crystal Method, Way Out West, etc.
Pearl Jam - Ten
Alternative/Hard Core Albums


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