Friday, September 29, 2006

The Veils

As the son of keyboardist Barry Andrews (XTC, Shriekback), the Veils' Finn Andrews knew nothing else except a world full of music and art. He had plans to become a painter as a young lad; however, a move to his grandmother's abode in Devonport, New Zealand (near Auckland) with his mother pointed Andrews in a different direction during his teenage years. He frequented the local folk scene to escape the ho-hum of country living. Once consumed with his father's electronic work from the 1980s, Andrews was now interested in Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, and Tom Waits.

In 2001, Andrews (vocals/guitar), then 18, returned to London. He befriended Ben Woollacott (drums), Adam Kinsella (bass), and Oliver Drake (guitar), and in a few months time the Veils were born. By fall, Rough Trade's Geoff Travis signed the foursome to the Blanco y Negro imprint, and immediately the Veils began working on their first album. They issued the single "Guiding Light" in 2002; however, contractual disparities and artistic differences with Blanco y Negro turned into a two-year battle until Travis signed the Veils to Rough Trade proper in mid-2003. Luckily, the Veils were able to keep songs recorded during that time. A second single, the lovelorn "Lavinia," was well received at indie rock radio in the U.K.. Shared dates with the Raveonettes, Beth Orton, and British Sea Power preceded the spring 2004 release of the Veils' debut, The Runaway Found. The album had only been out two months when Andrews announced the departure of Woollacott, Kinsella, and Drake. In late June 2004, Andrews explained via The Veils' website ( that a second album was already in the works, but that the original members would not be involved.

After two years of break, the Veils are back with a brand new album, named Nux Vomica. The album is released at September 16th and has already received some positive critics. The album sounds extremely good and is certainly one of the best thing to come out this year. It's Highly Recommended!

The Veils - Advice For Young Mothers To Be (from Nux Vomica)
The Veils - Lavinia (from The Runaway Found)
The Veils @ MySpace

The Decemberists - The Crane Wife (2006) !!!
Tiger Lou - Is My Head Still On + The Loyal !!!
Ok Go - Ok Go + Oh No
Röyksopp - Melody A.M. + The Understanding
The Rollinstones - Sticky Fingers + Beggars Banquet
Jedi Mind Tricks - Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell (2006)
Outerspace - Blood Brothers
Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
Angels & Airwaves - We Don't Need To Whisper


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ooo we have a semi attractive lead singer, let's put him on the cover of our album". I like the Veils...because they have a semi attractive lead singer. And Ziggy guess what? I also love the Decemberists, and more spesifically I love their new album. Oh and I also, Ziggy, love your blog. I check it "test drive" music before I buy.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah the Decemberists new album is very good as is Picaresque.

I hope there's some acoustic or singer/songwriter updates next I love Jose Gonzalez, Iron & Wine type stuff.

Love the blog, keep it up.


3:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up Tiger Lou?

I've been searching for this everywhere and the link isn't working.


P.S. Great blog.

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Hamilton-Selway Fine Art said...

Thats was very stunning. Its not easy. Your one of the great artist!

11:22 AM  

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