Monday, October 02, 2006

Barton Carroll

Since 2002, Barton Carroll has toured and recorded extensively with Crooked Fingers, playing guitar, steel guitar, and upright bass. Carroll has also toured, playing various instruments with Azure Ray, Dolorean, and Micah P. Hinson.

Barton Carroll's second solo work, "Love & War" will be released October 17th on Skybucket Records. A veteran of storytelling phenoms Crooked Fingers, and gunslinger for Azure Ray, Dolorean, and Micah P. Hinson, Carroll's own songwriting is forged of similar metal and yet has a brightness and wear all it's own.

”With a tambourine rigged to play with a foot pedal and a harmonica hanging from it's brace around his neck, Barton Carroll brought forth visions from his guitar, with his light woodworkers voice. The visions were of hollow desperation and quiet dreams, a young man going off to war, a refugee traveling to a new life full of fear and aching with love, a soldier coming home to his beloved, only to spend his nights in the horror of the battlefield. Barton captured the audience and swept them away to his own literary shadowland.”

Barton Carroll - Scorched Earth
Barton Carroll - Cat On A Beach
Barton Carroll - Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
Barton Carroll @ MySpace

The Killers - Sam's Town (2006) !!!
Muse - Black Holes And Revelations
Keane - Under The Iron Sea
Architecture In Helsinki - Fingers Crossed !!!
Stars - Heart
Earth - Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method
The Smiths & Morrissey Bootlegs
The Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth
RHCP - Stadium Arcadium
Thom Yorke - Eraser
Enter Chaos - Aura Sense
Bonobo - Dial M For Monkey
Opus 15 - Opus 15


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