Monday, December 18, 2006

Born Ruffians

When four musical boys get together and three of them kick one out and then the three write a bunch of songs and some they think are really great but later they think they suck and they keep doing so over and over until they are left with a bunch that they absolutely love and a bunch that they don't play anymore and then they record them and play them for others and others like them and they change their name and they dream of the world liking their songs and maybe they will let other boys and girls play the songs with them and then they will all grow up and the three boys will become policemen or firemen or other men they feared becoming as boys because now they have to settle down with a little girl (or another boy as they might discover about themselves) and their dream will be over...

Born Ruffians are coming from Toronto, Canada. On their debut self-titled EP, they provide that combination of impeccable songs and drunken youthful swagger that make your favorite rock records sit themselves comfortably in your brain and refuse to get out. For the fans of The Arcade Fire, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Unicorns and The Pixies. Highly Recommended!

Born Ruffians - Sampler
Born Ruffians @ MySpace

The Arcade Fire - Intervention (new song) !!!
Brandy - Tall Poppies
Audio Bullys - Generation
Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor
Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep
Goose - Bring It On

Paolo Nutini - These Streets !!!
The Kooks - Inside In, Inside Out
Nirvana - Nevermind


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please could you look out for elliott smith's "XO" album?

would be muchly appreciated.

thanks x

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