Friday, February 02, 2007

Love Minus Zero

At the beginning of 2004, Peter J Perrett was asked by Pete Doherty to be the Babyshambles bass player, by April Peter, with his teenage brother Jamie on Guitar (both sons of the ex Only Ones singer Peter Perrett) were invited to a recording session in Bethnal Green where they began work on the original recording of the Killamangiro single, which also included Seb Roachford (Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear) on drums. Within a week Doherty had moved into the Perrett household and they started touring around the country as Babyshambles. By June, Doherty had ended up in Thailand via The Priory and they saw less of him in person and more of him in headlines.

For their 1st experience as professional musicians they were left some what disillusioned. At the beginning of 2005 with a renewed thirst for playing music again, Peter and Jamie began looking for musicians to form a band. Recruiting their friend Eliot Vernon whom they met the previous year on a sound engineering D.S.S course, they played gigs like the Barfly, ULU, Rhythm Factory, Nambucca ranging from a 4-6 piece under the working name The Cuts. Their then drummer James Kirkbright eventually had to leave due to medical reasons and the strains of commuting between Leeds and London. Whilst discussing the need for a replacement in their local Hostelry they were overheard by an eccentric polish barman who introduced himself as their future drummer! After an impromptu audition of table tapping and beer bottle bashing they were left convinced that the line-up was complete as the eventual 4 piece. With Oskar Starski now in place and only in the band for a week, they were asked to appear at the Glastonbury Festival (in the medical tent!) where they were rewarded with free passes for the festival.

At this time they did their 1st home recordings which included Psychobaby, Watery Eyes and Ten Watt Town They continued playing gigs when they could, along the way supporting Babyshambles, The Paddingtons, Cazals, The Maccabees and Selfish Cunt. Never satisfied with their band name, in January 2006 Jamie was inspired to come up with the name Love Minus Zero not as a homage to Bob Dylan but more of a statement of intent. They set up a myspace site and continued to gig under the new Nom De Guerre. Spring saw a flurry of gigs and a growing fanbase. With a gig in Glastonbury in may being described by Jamie as "The best reaction I've ever witnessed at a gig even when I was in Babyshambles. An amazing show!" Their 1st home recorded single "Psychobaby" is scheduled for release in september on their own label and distributed through Cadiz/Pinnacle. Recommended!

Love Minus Zero - Psychobaby [EP]
Love Minus Zero @ MySpace

Menomena - Friend And Foe (2007) !!!
Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You Destroyer? (2007) !!!
Panda Bear - Young Prayer !!!
Blonde Redhead - Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons + Misery Is A Butterfly
Guster - Gangin Up On The Sun + Keep It Together + Lost And Gone Forever
Sigur Ros - Ageatis Byrjun + Takk
The Arcade Fire - Funeral
The Decemberists - Picaresqueties [EP]
The Fire Theft - The Fire Theft
Tool - 10000 Days
Razorlight - Razorlight
30 Seconds To Mars - S/T + A Beautiful Lie
Paolo Nutini - These Streets !!!
Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny
Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory
Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High (2007)
The Used - The Used
Thom Yorke - The Eraser
James Morrison - Undiscovered
Muse - Black Holes And Revelations
Albums: Smash Mouth, Reel Big Fish, RHCP, Michael Franti, Norah Jones, The Offspring, etc.


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the link for the psychobaby ep goes to myspace ?

thx for the tipp anyway :-)

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Blogger Ziggy said...

all three songs from the psychobaby ep are available for download at LMZ myspace page :)

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