Monday, February 12, 2007

The Trucks

The Trucks are four females hailing from the small-town of Bellingham, WA, who will make you want to dance - while they sing about what modern girls are really thinking about.

In the world of The Trucks, electro pop meets northwest indie rock and it’s all dressed-up in fishnets, wigs, and classy spandex. Fortunately, it isn’t all about stage flash and good looks. Behind each song’s fun, sexy, and boisterous exterior are smart, sassy lyrics that hold up to repeated listening. The music is never weighed down by the messages - the overriding urge is to get up, dance, and sing along. When you do sing along, don’t do it in front of grandma. Not unlike electo-punk star Peaches – the lyrics are often sexually frank, uncompromisingly descriptive, and leave you with no doubt about who is in control of the situation (such as in the songs “3am”, “Titties”, “Diddle-bot”, and “Why the?). These songs are contrasted with modern versions of pop genius in the vein of Cyndi Lauper or The Bangles in the ballads “Messages” and “Come Back”.

The Trucks were formed in the spring of 2003 as a response to the need for more female bands to play a college music festival. Despite starting out with just a toy xylophone, a bass, and an old Casio keyboard - Kristin, Marissa, and Faith soon proved that they were the band to fill this gender gap in the local rock scene. With the addition of a live drummer – their electro punk sound became more powerful and the Trucks began to attract a serious following – not only in Bellingham but all over the northwest. In 2006, they have become one of the favorite bands in Seattle’s rock scene where they are repeatedly requested to open for bands such as Pretty Girls Make Graves, Deadboy and the Elephantmen, and Harvey Danger. In 2006 they released self-titled debut for ClickPop Records.

The Trucks are: Kristin Allen-Zito (vox & Keys), Marissa Moore (vox & xylophone), Faith Reichel (bass & vox) and Lindy McIntyre (drums).

Straight on the heels of their "Band of The Day" feature and selection by as as a favorite local band of 2006, The Trucks have mixed down their Peaches meets post-punk/retro-synth pop/ garage band song Titties to eight source tracks, slapped them up on-line and made them available for the world to remix and mashup. Hosted deeplinks for all 8 remix tracks are available on the Toolshed mediapage. In other words, play with The Trucks Titties and win a iPod Nano. Read more at The Trucks homepage.

The Trucks - Titties
The Trucks - Zombie
Simon Iddol - I Was Made To Love Your Titties (The Trucks vs KISS mashup)
The Trucks @ MySpace

Jarvis Cocker - Jarvis (2006) !!!
The White Birch - Come Up For Air (2005) !!!
Boa - Race Of Thousand Camels
FLCL (Furi Kuri) Original Soundtrack 1: Addict (Music of The Pillows)
L'Arc-En-Ciel - Ark + Ray
Les Choristes - OST
Lush - Albums
Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist
Albums: Tool, Sphongle, Underworld, etc.
Albums: Riverside, Katatonia, Porcupine Tree, Tool
Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave
+ HIM, Tool, etc.
Ratatat - Ratatat


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