Tuesday, March 27, 2007


1984 is a one man band coming from Ivrea, Italy. 1984 music is influenced by too many bands. 1984 solo project started in mid 2004. Too many songs have been stored in memory before begin the recordings and lots of them have been lost in memory. So the band decided first to start recording and then to searching for musicians interested in playing such a kind of music. 1984's first release on Urban Sprawl Rrecords 'Ritorno A Casa In Un Pomeriggio Estivo' is available on the web archive.

In february 2005, 'Flaming Gamberoni Session' appears in 'Just Be Yourself: an Urban Sprawl compilation' on Urban Sprawl Records and then he started working on the next album. 1984's second release 'Matite Spuntate' with its 11 jams is available on Muertepop Records. "I've been always in love with improvisation. Most of the arrangements of my music is made by improvisation. That's why I'm searching for musicians and play somewhere around. I like the kind of magic that you can feel when the band is playing together. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this record" - he says - "if you are either nearby or far away and you'd like to collaborate, drop an email". 1984 home town is in the Canavese area, Piedmont.

I must admit I was quite impressed listening to the new release from 1984. The album is a collection of eleven very original lo-fi tunes. The acoustic arrangements are of decent quality, as well as the singing. The songs on the album are named in italian but sung in english. The italian accent is recognizable, what gives this album some more flavor. The complete album is available for free, thanks to Muertepop Records. I hope you'll enjoy it. Recommended!

1984 - Matite Spuntate (2007) (album download)

Sam Prekop - Who's Your New Professor !!!
Sons And Daughters - The Repulsion Box !!!
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Love Their Country (2006) !!!
The Black Angels - Passover + Live !!!
The King Khan & BBQ Show - What's For Dinner? !!!
Atmosphere - You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
P.O.S - Audition
+ Charlie Hunter Trio, Hank Williams III, Nostalgia 77 Octet, etc.
The Sea And The Cake - The Biz !!!
+ The Definite Articles, That Dog, Headphones, etc.
Jackson And His Computer Band - Smash !!!
LFO - Advance
+ The Flashbulb, Steve Reich, Ravi Shankar, Muslimgauze, Merzbow, Squarepusher, etc.
RJD2 - Third Hand (2007)
Ratatat - Classics (2006)
The Strokes - First Impression Of Earth
VA - Ministry Of Sound - Cream Anthems (2007)
+ Muse, Coldcut, Girl Talk, Lupe Fiasco, Paul Oakenfold, Pendulum,
Soul Position, Thievery Corporation, DJ Shadow, Aceyalone, etc.
Spank Rock - YoYoYoYoYo (2006)
Carl Craig - Landcruising
Cat Power - The Greatest


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