Monday, March 26, 2007


In a time where too many bands fall prey to the self-inflicted fatality that is trying to be different, FREER effortlessly breaks the mold. The difference between those bands and these musicians is just that, they are musicians with a natural ability to create music with both substance and mass appeal that is unlike anything else. FREER was formed by brothers Jeremy and Jeffery Freer in an effort to explore the vast swath of genres that have shaped their creative voice. This avant-garde creative attitude has given way to music that is not only artfully meaningful but fun to listen to as well.

Jeremy (keyboard/vocals), Jeffery (bass/guitar), Mike (guitar/bass), and Nick (drums) have managed to put together an incredibly varied album with songs spanning many styles. For example, “Secret Chorus”, an impressive epic that is powerful and riddled with brooding allusive lyrics, contrasts nicely with “Taking Me Over”, a more upbeat tune with adept pop sensibilities. Citing influences that are as diverse as The Clash, Jeff Buckley, Miles Davis, and Radiohead, this all-encompassing sound has already attracted a strong fan base. It is surprising to learn that even though its founders have had previous projects, FREER was formed as recently as August of 2005. They have played to packed venues in places such as Ann Arbor, Chicago, and Detroit and have received radio play at several notable stations. It seems that people are inherently attracted to the polished and unique sound of FREER.

Secret Chorus, the first album released from this quartet, is an outstanding collection of songs that you can't help but tap your feet to. The lyrics are clever and meaningful; a combination that is in short supply amid the sea of albums that permeate the market today. FREER is proving one venue at a time that audiences really do crave depth and melody in their music. With Secret Chorus those audiences are finally getting what they want. This is an album that will never be thought of as a guilty pleasure, but rather as a great album that listeners will feel privileged to have in their collection.

Secret Chorus has been released at March 20th, under Jumberlack Media. Check It Out!

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Freer - Taking Me Over
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