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The Lisps

The Lisps are a NYC/Bronx-based band that has been spreading its gospel of brutal honesty and consistent deception around New York City since October of 2005 .

The Lisps tend to write songs about important ideas such as piety, forgiveness, destiny, reality, twins, documents, growing old, time, loving, and babies. They play songs that make you laugh and want to have sex and punch someone in the face, and be quiet sometimes. Currently they are performing an original Rock n' Roll Oratorio whenever they get the chance.

The Lisps sometimes plug in and sometimes don't. They have at least one thing in common with these bands: the moldy peaches, the b52s, simon and garfunkel, cheese on bread, sonny and cher, led zeppelin, performers at New York's Palace Theater (pre 1932), Karlheinz Stockhausen, Augustus Pablo ...

They have played all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx and just comlpeted a tour of the Southeast. In August, 2006 The Lisps independently released their debut EP, "The Vain, The Modest, and The Dead"

This is what Time Out NY said about the EP:
"Local coed pop group the Lisps gives quirky indie rock a real good name. Its debut self-released EP, The Vain, the Modest, and the Dead, is smart-assed and danceable, but with an affecting core of been-around-the-block melancholy."

The Lisps are male, except for the girl, who, although she has a boy�s name, is female. Two members go to graduate school together, and you know what that means. Two members, although from the same hometown, met each other three years ago and fell in love, friendship-wise. Two members, although they went to college together and maybe had a few conversations then, fell in love years later, romance-wise. At any given time, at least one member is in love with at least two other members.

Their influences vary widely. Their parents are big ones, though. All of The Lisps are Caucasian and American (one is "Latino") and two of them actually have lisps, though slight. One of the Lisps is Jewish and feels very strongly about raising his/her kids to be well aware of their religious/cultural heritage. The other Lisps totally respect that impulse.

The Lisps are an assemblage of 21st century post-rock n' vaudeville auteurs. They write songs about science and love and sometimes perform in costumes, with tap shoes and without microphones. The Lisps are the public/performative version of all the relationships you're struggling with. In 2006, the Lisps released their debut EP titled 'The Vain, The Modest, and The Dead'. The album is availabla via iTunes. For the fans of the Dresden Dolls, the Moldy Peaches, etc. Check It Out!

The Lisps - Pepper Spray
The Lisps - The Winter That I Missed
The Lisps - Chaos
The Lisps - Documents (Live)
The Lisps @ MySpace

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