Monday, March 19, 2007

Malcolm Middleton

Born and raised in Falkirk, Scotland, Malcolm Middleton found fame as the member of Arab Strap commonly credited with ‘most things musical’. While Arab Strap are known for their uncomfortably intimate lyrics, Middleton’s solo career, which ran in tandem with the band until they split in 2006, has provided an outlet for Middleton’s more personal and, at times, more harrowing songs.

It began with 2003’s 5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine, Middleton’s first solo effort. Flushed with depression at the time of writing, it finds Malcolm in a bleak place, but comes across as darkly humorous and poignantly beautiful.

Its follow-up, 2005’s critically acclaimed Into The Woods, found a ‘fuck you’ spirit in hard times, and spawned the irresistible single Loneliness Shines. Featuring a host of Glasgow scenesters including Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite and Barry Burns, members of The Delgados, The Reindeer Section and fellow Strapper Aidan Moffat, the record was rightly named one of Mojo magazine’s ten albums of the year.

As Arab Strap drew to an amicable close with the bookend compilation Ten Years Of Tears, Malcolm worked on his next defining statement, A Brighter Beat, due for release in February 2007 on his new label Full Time Hobby. Recorded once more with various Glaswegian luminaries, it’s Malcolm’s most bombastic record to date, bursting with strings, big productions and an infectious, beaty number called We’re All Going To Die.

A Brighter Beat has confirmed Middleton as one of the true originals of our time, affirming his place in the same lineage of passionate, pained songwriters as Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Elliott Smith. Like them, his songs are deeply cathartic, often depressing, but always able to inject humour and dry wit into the darkest facets of the human experience. But Malcolm’s is a fragile gift. His lyrics frequently vent his frustrations with his own songwriting, and his self-doubt is the recurring thread in his work.

The new album from Malcolm finds himself in a perfect mood. It's an excellent album, a true candidate for the best of 2007. For all the fans of Arab Strap and singer/songwriter tunes. Highly Recommended!

Malcolm Middleton - A Brighter Beat
Malcolm Middleton - F*ck It, I Love You
Malcolm Middleton - A Moaning Shite (Break My Heart B-Side)
Malcolm Middleton - Party Eyes (from 5:14 Fluoxytine)
Malcolm Middleton - A Brighter Beat (vid)
Malcolm Middleton @ MySpace

Malcolm Middleton - A Brighter Beat

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Brazilian Girls - Brazilian Girls
Editors - The Back Room
Ambulance Ltd - Ambulance Ltd
Kasabian - Kasabian
Seu Jorge - David Bowie Covers
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My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
Dead Can Dance, Manu Katche, Agoria, Agalloch, etc.


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