Thursday, March 15, 2007


Portland, OR based indie rock band, Minmae, began as a side project for frontman Sean Brooks. In 1998, Brooks founded Minmae when he found himself with some left-over studio time that his then band, Thee Psychic Hearts, couldn't use. Brooks' efforts resulted in a 7" entitled Poltergeist Over England. In 2000, Brooks released his first full-length disc for Minmae, Lucy in the Sky with DNA Helixes, which featured bandmates Arabella Makalani on drums and Danny Powers on bass. By 2002, the band finally settled on a consistent line-up with Brooks, Josh Kempa on bass and Chris Calvert on drums. The band quickly becomes known as "prolific," releasing eight full-length CDs in as many years, as well as a dozen 7" singles and a 12" split with erstwhile Scottish duo, Electroscope. 2005 saw Minmae's first release with Greyday Records, entitled 'I'd be scared, were you still burning.' 2006 brought 'Le Grande Essor de la Maison du Monstre' (The Great Flight of the Monster Haus), also on Greyday.

Minmae's most recent effort, 835, is their ninth full-length album and offers a new line-up featuring Andy Price on drums, Ian Watts on guitar and Ryan Mullen on bass. The album is to be released on Greyday Records. Recommended!

Minmae - Let My Friends In (from 835)
Minmae - Recommend Me Someone (from 835)
Minmae - Your Band Controls The Weather (from 835)
Minmae - Capitols And Caliphs (from 835)
Minmae @ MySpace

Minmae - My Parts Will Not Rust

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Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank (2007) !!!
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Daphne Loves Derby - Good Night, Witness Light (2007) !!!
Madina Lake - From Them Through Us To YOu (2007)
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Live Concerts: Keller Williams, Sublime, Talking Heads, etc.


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