Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The New Rags

The New Rags results from the collaboration of Tom Merrigan, a Scott Joplin (father of ragtime piano playing) devotee, and Andrew Pierce, a modern day disciple of Brian Wilson. Tom Merrigan and Andrew Pierce bring their distinctive musical talents to a band that sounds like no other—stride piano playing, agile drumming, and enduring pop melodies. The New Rags have astounded crowds at such New York hotspots as Piano’s and Sin-e, while making instant fans of bands they have opened for---The Dansettes (which feature Pierce on drums), Locksley, and God As My Co-pilot.

The New Rags’ first EP, Take Jennie to Brooklyn, re-releasing on Silent Stereo Records, captures all the manic pop energy of Tom and Andrew’s music. This six song musical joyride starts off with The New Rags signature crowd pleaser, “Your Room,” blasts through the gritty East Coast surf sound of “Surf the Seven Seas,” and closes with the rich sound-scape of “Love of My Life.” Listen to The New Rags and experience something truly different and new in pop music. Recommended!

The New Rags - Your Room
The New Rags @ MySpace

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Amazing album post!

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Great blog. need a little help - looking for cover image of "Siter Rain : Ride". the image at linked site "he no be work".

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