Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cut City

Cut City formed in 2002 around the local Deleted Art label, sort of the swedish counter-part to U.S. art-punk imprints like Three One G and Tapes Records. In May 2005 they issued a 4-song EP on the california-based Gold Standard Labs label, home to such acts as The Locust, Year Future, Gogogo Airheart and many more. Drawing comparisons to groups such as Echo & The Bunnymen and Joy Division as well as newer bands like Moving Units and Franz Ferdinand they at the same time echo the past as much as the future. In February 2007, Cut City released their debut full-length, Exit Decades, through Gold Standard Labs. Following that the band ventured on a european tour in March.

Exit Decades is the effigy of tomorrow burned today. Blazing and roaring it unveils the disparate notions of uncertain caring and common disillusion that propels all life. It embraces the cultural bombs as they're dropped on someone's recluse home. As an objet d'art it pulls the rug from under an abandoned playground; a digital ephemera hailing inconsistencies and contradictions.

Despite much of similarity with the bands such as Interpol and Editors, Cut City still preserves enough flavor to be listened and enjoyed. Recommended!

Cut City - Anticipation (from Exit Decades)
Cut City - Statues (from self-titled EP)
Cut City @ MySpace

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LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver (2007) !!!
The National - The Alligator !!!
Rjd2 - The Third Hand (2007)
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Gifts From Enola - Local Eyes Betrayed The Mind (2006) !!!
God Is An Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright (2006) !!!
Rickard Jäverling - Two Times Five Lullaby (2006) !!!
Ours To Alibi - Beacons + Kite [EP] !!!
Laura - Radio Swan Is Down (2006) !!!
Flunk - Play America !!!
The Rock Of Travolta - My Band's Better Than Yours !!!
+ Nouvelle Vague, Album Leaf, Audrey, Cue, C, Hedningarna, Natsumen, Värttinä, Hala Strana,
Maybeshewill, Microfilm, Mono, Ms John Soda, Our Last Hope Lost Hope, Red Sparowes, Thema Eleven, etc.
Deerhoof - Apple 'O
Six Feet Under - Commandment (2007)
Socratic - Just Turn [EP]


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I've been a daily reader for about a year now and I just love the site. Well done. How about finding the new Bad Plus album, eh?

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world music!, now that's what i'm talking about! many thanks, awesome blogger (:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i am lookin for Blackfield II album, possible to help me locate. Thanks so much

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Blogger Ziggy said...

Blackfield - Blackfield II

The Bad Plus - Prog

2:54 PM  
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great blog ! good luck with keeping this alive !!!

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