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Mumm-ra are an English indie rock band originating from Bexhill on Sea. They rose to public attention first when they performed with the NME awards tour alongside the Automatic, The View and The Horrors. They received further acclaim and publicity thanks to NME, who many argue they owe much of their success to after being featured in the January 2007 edition of the magazine as one of ten bands who were "guaranteed to soundtrack" 2007. They also recieved early airplay thanks to Dermot O'Leary and his BBC Radio 2 show. They have been quoted that music was their only way to esape from the closed community of Bexhill on Sea, an increasingly common scenario with many newly emerging British bands. Despite this, several references to Bexhill on Sea are made in their lyrics and the band seem quietly proud of their heritage. An amusing note is that the band appear relatively casual and almost indifferent when questioned in interviews about the possibility of playing at Glastonbury, but when their hometowns 600 capacity De la Warr pavillion is mentioned, they show a considerable amount more excitement. Their name originates from the main villain of the 1980s cartoon, Thundercats.

In 2006 Mumm-Ra released Bluck Hurts Day And The Night Rolls On (EP) and Out Of The Question (single). Mumm-Ra have announced details of the release of a new single, She's Got You High, for May 14th 2007. The single will be available on CD, featuring previously unreleased tracks indiscreet, and Song E. There are also, as is now traditional- 2 colored vinyl 7"s, featuring a live version of Out Of The Question taken from the bands recent slot on the NME Awards tour. and There She Is (acoustic version). She's Got You High will be followed at the end of May (28th) by the album These Things Move In Threes. Highly Recommended!

Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High
Mumm-Ra - Out Of The Question
Mumm-Ra - The Temple
Mumm-Ra @ MySpace

Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High

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