Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Saturna - New Album...

After making quite a good impression with their debut EP ...All Night, Saturna, a space-rock trio from Portland, is back with their first full length record entitled "Some Delicious Enemy". The record contains ten songs and is supposed to be released later this year. A sneak preview of the new material reveals the band in a recognizable mood - fuzzy guitars, melancholic vocals, occasional use of electronic samples and acoustic sounds, all-in-all a musically rich and very compact album. The album includes five new songs combined with the songs already featured on the last year's EP. The new songs posses the same spirit as the old ones, so if you liked '...All Night' you'll enjoy the new songs as well.

It's great that Saturna finally releases the new album. It will be an exciting journey for all Saturna's fans and all the others who're willing to join. Certainly, it will be a big step forward in the development of the band who deserves much more attention than it has it now. Recommended!

Saturna - Roll Down (from Some Delicious Enemy)
Saturna - Periwinkle (from Some Delicious Enemy)
Saturna - Pop Rocks (from ...All Night EP)
Saturna - Just For Thrills (from ...All Night EP)
Saturna @ MySpace

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