Monday, May 07, 2007

Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen's long-awaited sophomore album, "The Broken String", announced as Dead Oceans' first release.

2006 was a big year for Bishop Allen. The band recorded and self-released an EP every month of the year. Fifty-eight songs later, they completed one of the most ambitious recording projects in recent memory. Their 2003 debut, "Charm School", was a hooky indie-pop gem, but Bishop Allen's EP material proves far more sophisticated and addictive. With the EPs, Bishop Allen's pop smarts sound timeless, escaping the indie-pop idiom and revealing a language informed by the Kinks, Dylan, and the Zombies.

But it was never Bishop Allen's intent to forgo a label for the long term, and in early 2007 the band struck a partnership with Dead Oceans. The first fruit of this relationship is Bishop Allen's sophomore album, "The Broken String", Dead Ocean's inaugural release. If Bishop Allen made a huge musical jump from the 2003 debut to the 2006 EPs, the band made a quantum leap on "The Broken String". Of its 12 songs, 9 are reworked tracks from the EPs and two are previously unreleased. These are not just re-recordings: Bishop Allen has stepped out of the home studio and created definitive versions of songs that were originally conceived within the constraints of a monthly deadline. Benefiting from the earlier recordings and several tours, the songs' arrangements have grown, the production is lush, the lyrics are front and center, and the band's evolution has reached a new level. "The Broken String" is the follow-up for which Bishop Allen fans have long clamored. "The Broken String" is not just a great record by Bishop Allen standards. It is poised to be the pop soundtrack to the summer of 2007. Highly Recommended!

Bishop Allen - Rain
Bishop Allen @ MySpace

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Baby 81 (2007) !!!
+ Evaline, Silverchair, The Snake The Cross The Crown
Indie Albums: Aimee Mann, Beirut, Camera Obscura, Magnetic Fields, Ratatat, Regina Spektor,
Stars, The Arcade Fire, The Blow, The Books, The Kings Of Convenience, etc.
The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart
Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
Jet - Get Born
Frog Eyes - Live


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welcome back, Zig!

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Bishop Allen is top notch. Nice to see you back! :)

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Good to have you back man!Great blog!

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it's nice to have you back

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I hope you're right about the B.A., I love them but I just don't know how much mass appeal they have...
Thanks for the track!

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welcome back, indiesurfer
ive missed your updates :)

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