Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Je Suis France

The Je Suis France "vibe" can be a little hard for outsiders to figure out. This band practically redefines insularity: nine friends with ten years of inside jokes, strange nicknames (Iceberg, The Darkness, Crogers), and a mountain of good/bad/bizarre ideas (e.g. Mind Zappa, a Frank Zappa tribute EP where the band covered songs they had never heard using tabulations). In the Whimsy Dept., they give Ween a run for their money, but the band's general good-naturedness belies a real thirst for pushing the envelope of what it means to be an "indie rock" band. These are guys who get dressed up to Hall and Oates/Michael McDonald and have a party in the parking lot complete with Subway Party Sub who also count among their favorite bands Acid Mothers Temple, Robert Wyatt/Soft Machine, and the Jazz Butcher. Though it may be hard to believe, there is not an ironic or pretentious bone is these boys' bodies.

The band released self-titled debut in 2000 and the sophomore Fantastic Area in 2003. Afrikan Majik is the band's 3rd and most complete release. It's the unholy yacht rock + indie rock + krautrock amalgam that you didn't know you needed. It's filled with songs about astral planes, hammjamming, whale genitalia, and backing your friends up in a fight. Recommended!

Je Suis France - That Don't Work That Well For Us
Je Suis France - Whalebone
Je Suis France @ MySpace

Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare (2007) !!!
Feist - The Reminder (2007) !!!
Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future (2007) !!!
+ Sonic Youth, Grizzly Bear, The Arcade Fire, Tapes 'N Tapes, Spank Rock, Shiny Toy Guns, etc.
Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth + Year Zero (2007)
Self Against City - Take It How You Want It
+ Fall Out Boy, Bonobo, Boards Of Canada, etc.
Girl Talk - Night Ripper
VA - Just West Of Crunkopolis (Phoenix, Nada Surf, Zoot Woman, etc.)
Midlake - Trials Of Van Occupanther
Abandoned Pools - Armed To The Teeth
Simon & Garfunkel - The Essential
The Chemical Brothers, Panjabi MC, Black Sabbath

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

really glad you've returned. i hope the holiday was excellent (:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really enjoy your blog, hope you had a good vacation. thanks in general!

8:49 PM  
Blogger shep said...

super to see you back. GRRRRRRR to those people leaving offensive stuff in the comments

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Again Man.
No. 1 in my rank!
The best blog ever!

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Zats floggin awful. All comments, wot, must be puritan, clean with o reference to (censored) , right?

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Blogger Ziggy said...

It's not about censorship. I'll accept any kind of critics and I'll answer to all of the question, but I can't allow some psycho leaving ten comments containing nothing but the insults. I'll remove moderation as soon as I notice that such persons give up and keep away from this page.

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i like this page and blog....rock on

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