Wednesday, May 23, 2007

John P. Strohm

John P. Strohm was born to an academic family in the Big Ten town of Bloomington, Indiana. After playing drums in the punk scene there, Strohm relocated to Boston and soon switched to guitar. His then-girlfriend and drummer Freda Love joined him and, upon meeting guitarist Juliana Hatfield, the three formed the Blake Babies, one of the heavy players on the bubbling Boston pop scene that also included the Lemonheads, Dumptruck, Buffalo Tom and the Pixies. He was also in the Lemonheads at this point, serving as the band’s drummer, appearing on the Lick album after producing the band’s earlier Creator LP. Lemonheads front man Evan Dando moonlighted with the Blake Babies as well.

After Blake Babies disbanded in early 1990s, John formed Antenna with Freda Boner and Jake Smith. This band also included at times Vess Ruhtenberg, Pat Spurgeon and Ed Ackerson. Antenna released two well-received records on Mammoth then morphed into Velo Deluxe in 1995. The band released one album Superelastic on Mammoth Records and brok up in 1996. Meanwhile John had formed a country outfit called The Hello Strangers with Mitch Harris, Glenn Hicks and other Beantown regulars. John P. Strohm and the Hello Strangers released the twangy Caledonia on Flat Earth records. In the late 1990s, John toured as a guitarist with the Lemonheads as well as reunited with the Blake Babies to tour and release an album God Bless the Blake Babies. He also left Bloomington around this time to move to Birmingham, AL to pursue a law degree and start a family with wife, Heather. Birmingham’s Vestavia became the subject of his 1998 solo album, Vestavia. John has also appeared on records by Polara and Mike Watt.

John P. Strohm is returning with his first LP in eight years, Everyday Life. Superphonic Records is handling the release duties on July 10, 2007. Everyday Life is a tuneful collection of twangy guitar rock that takes time for pensive moments while retaining a twinge of Strohm’s punk rock/college rock past with spry tempos and driving arrangements. Everyday Life continues on the same path set forth in Vestavia, one of contemplative songcraft, catchy rockers, and a gentle kiss of twang, though his punk and college rock pasts is not totally absent, as evidenced by some of the more fleet-of-foot tracks on the album, like crunchy opener “Sha La”.

Strohm graduated magna cum laude from the Cumberland School of Law at Birmingham’s Samford University. He currently works as a lawyer for Johnston Barton, specializing in entertainment law.

John P. Strohm - Sha La
John P. Strohm @ MySpace

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