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Over the past 6 years, Morningbell has developed their own brand of melodic, psychedelic rock, rooting themselves as a well established tradition in the Florida Music Scene. The band has toured the Eastern US and has played with Robert Sledge (Ben Folds Five), Holopaw (Subpop), Man Man (Ace Fu), MAE (Columbia), and Kevin Martin (Candlebox). The bands music stands up best behind their captivating live performances. Armed with an arsenal of low budge lighting effects, Morningbell not only causes the stage to erupt with sound, but with their trademarked 100 dollar light show as well.

A lot of bands give lip service to words like ambition, but Morningbell truly feels like it's onto something with its new album, Through the Belly of the Sea. The band members have done their research (one of them is a lawyer by day), and they truly feel like this is the first Choose Your Own Adventure album ever made. Based on the Choose Your Own Adventure books popular during the band members' youth, the album follows a nautical-themed tale reflected in the songs lyrics as well as the album art (I'll send you liner notes if you want!). Theoretically, the listener can listen to the LP in any number of ways (no one has taken the time to count the total numbers of paths possible!). Besides that, it's a bunch of hooky, twisty psych pop that recalls Clouds Taste Metallic-era Flaming Lips, some E6-ers, or maybe White Pepper-era Ween. Besides that, there are some serious guitar (and bass!) solos on this record. And that's just awesome. Check It Out!

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In that publicity shot for Morning Bell it looks like that guy is in a band with his mom and dad. I used to be in a band with my parents too but I ended up divorcing and suing them for the royalties to all the singles we released during the early ‘90s. We settled out of court and things ended quite amicably. The band split up a few years after I left to pursue a television hosting career in Honduras. My mom became an on-staff defence lawyer for a major oil company and my father started a solo singing career. He abandoned our folk rock roots and is instead trying to cultivate a more mainstream audience by fusing pop with aspects of Euro-Latin jazz sensibilities. He's currently working with Timberland.

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