Monday, June 11, 2007

God Love You For A Liar

God Love You For a Liar are Gareth Moss (vocals, guitar and keyboards), Paul Cox (drums, percussion and backing vocals), Andy Natt (bass and backing vocals) and Martin Allan Grey (guitar).

A man sits in front of the TV with his wife, despite the fact she hasn't paid him (or the TV) any attention in days. A relationship is kept alive by one man’s acceptance of his own death. Fire fails to rid a community of the evil that lurks amongst them. Two lovers who are not in love hit the town for yet another night out.

Onstage, GOD LOVE YOU FOR A LIAR’s lyrical contradictions are delivered with the kind of panache and zeal normally associated with more recognised and established artists. Provincial town boredom and dead-end jobs provide a prosaic backdrop for their tales of love, death, obsession and alienation.

Owing as much to Kate Bush as they do to The Smiths, GOD LOVE YOU FOR A LIAR fluctuate between soaring pop melodies, calloused punk riffs, and moments of genuine drama and passion – all delivered with the collective debonair strut of a band on the verge of great things. “This is life, this is life, this is life”.

The band has new album. The promo CD is available free at their gigs. Some songs can be previewed via band's MySpace page. The CD contains the songs Holding You Is Like Keeping Water In My Hands, Love Like We're Lovers and remixed versions of The Hunger and London, You Owe Me This Much. Check It Out!

God Love You For A Liar - How Much Is Enough? (free album download)
God Love You For A Liar @ MySpace

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