Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Armstrong? (yes with interrogative mark) was formed in Turin in the summer of 2005 by guitarist and singer Rob, Marco (drums) and Ste (bass, synth) and their sound is a balance of experimental and dreamy mix.Anyway the heart of their tunes is the melody-effect and their most influences are equally inspired by music and cinematic feel.In early 2006 the band issued a demo simply called promo 2006 and their recordings were sent to some music magazines and got nice reviews.Early the following year, the band got in touch with producer Maurice Andiloro and released their new EP named Me, You And Our Mutual Alibi. A collection of multi-layered guitar sounds meets killer melodic pop and mild electronic suggestions with constant dreamy inclination, intimate spooky lyrics and shoegaze temptations. Me, You And Our Mutual Alibi is a melancholic universe made of fragile but also sweet vocals and heterogeneous moods.Their music sounds just like If Neil Armstrong had been on the moon. The Armstrong? guys were so kind to enable you to download their latest EP via Indie Surfer. Highly Recommended!

Armstrong? - Me, You And Our Mutual Alibi (EP)
Armstrong? @ MySpace

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