Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Donny Hue And The Colors

Donny Hue is not from these parts. He came here to help his friend Ed, who was interested in the study of losing one's mind. Their friendship was forged quickly, frolicking on the interstate, building trees, and thinking as little as humanly possible.

One day, Ed fell into a hole in the ground. Donny was frightened, but knew he couldn't leave his friend stranded, so he jumped! He fell for a real long time.

Darkness followed.

When he awoke he found himself in an underground world. Organs, autoharps, melodicas, glockenspiels, and theremins cluttered the floor around him. Donny searched high and low, but Ed was nowhere to be found.

Devastated that he had lost his best friend and was trapped in this godforsaken place, Donny fell into a deep depression. Every day he drew pictures of a time and place where he and his friend climbed mountains of glass, laughed at giant clocks, and dug tiny holes in their hearts.

Through these pictures he began to find hope, and vowed to create a world of such magnificence that it would be a beacon for Ed to find his way home. He called this world the wunderground, and invited his not-so-ordinary friends (the Colors) to help create the siren sounds that might bring Ed back.

Together they have created the collection of songs you are holding: lush, magisterial lullabies, shimmering chamber pop, psychedelic nursery rhymes gone horribly awry, and ghostly, incandescent dreamscapes.

After honing his skills as a keyboard player in Meredith Bragg and The Terminals, Donny Hue recruited his not-so-ordinary friends (the Colors) to help create his own vision. The group made their way down south from Washington, DC to record their debut Folkmote. Former Mazarin member Marshall Costan (producer for Nethers, Carlsonics) recorded the album over just one weekend in Richmond, VA at Black Iris Studio.

Fans of those wonderful Elephant 6 bands of yore, Bob Dylan circa 1966, and Syd Barrett may find this collection particularly pleasing. Highly Recommended!

Donny Hue And The Colors - Humming With The Flower Birds
Donny Hue And The Colors - Real Long Time
Donny Hue And The Colors @ MySpace

Interpol - Our Love To Admire (2007) + Antics + Turn On The Bright Lights
The White Stripes - Icky Thump (2007)
Kid Koala - My Best Friends Are DJs
Manu Chao - Esperanza
Louis Armstrong - The Best Of
UNKLE - War Stories (2007)
Nine Inch Nails with Peter Murphy - Where Darkness Doubles, Where Light Pours In
Hanson - The Walk (2007)
Yellowcard - Paper Walls (2007)
Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival (2007)
The Starting Line - Say It Like You Mean It + Based On A True Story
Buffalo Tom - Big Red Letter Day + Sleepy Eyed
Feeder, Rage Against The Machine, ACDC


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