Friday, July 13, 2007

The Mabuses

The Mabuses is a band which formed in London in 1991 and released two albums to considerable critical acclaim. Led by the enigmatic Kim Fahy, the Mabuses offer music which mixes pop sensibilities with more esoteric concerns such as film and literature. The name "Mabuses" is a tribute to the Fritz Lang film trilogy about a master criminal called Dr. Mabuse. The sheer profusion of influences in their work made The Mabuses impossible to categorize. Lyrically and musically, the result of their output can only be best described as modern psychedelia.

"The Mabuses is supremely idealistic pop, cut according to the belief that the form should entice, baffle and ruffle rather than provide a readily assimilable template. Fahy's rhythmic/melodic charge is rooted in folk-derived Brit-pop, the kind that typified 1967's psychedelic headcharge, a.k.a Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd and the Soft Machine, with that nursery rhyme loopiness - whimsy and surrealism simultaneously, all strangeness, quark and charm - where nothing is quite as it seems." (Martin Aston - College Music Journal)

The Mabuses, the enigmatic and off-kilter international pop project led by Kim Fahy and a mysterious cast of characters is making its valiant return to the musical scene with Mabused, releasing on the band’s own Magpie Records on September 25, 2007. The band makes a comeback after two albums on Rough Trade nearly a decade ago. The Mabuses’ pop alchemy recalls the work of Andy Partridge, early Beta Band, and the Elephant Six heyday, but its indefinable familiarity and kitchen sink approach to songwriting makes the record a real treat and not one easily shoehorned into traditional “sounds like” press speak.

The Mabuses - Mirth
The Mabuses - Seasider
The Mabuses @ MySpace

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