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Elevado's story began in Athens, Ga., when Justin Sias and wife Kitty Snyder (Pitch-A-Tent Records) collaborated -- through online file sharing -- with former Athenians Cain Wong, Mark Duca, and David Sandridge -- living in Los Angeles -- and Don Dudenhoeffer to produce Elevado's first album, the transatlantic "Occidental Oriental" (2003).

Their headquarters, The ISP Space (located in the East Atlanta Village next door to The Earl --Atlanta's most popular indie venue), is a cavernous space that houses video installations, paintings and mix media exhibits, cds, vinyl and other merchandise from local and national bands that have played there. Scheduled to release seven CDs this year, the label they run, ISP, started in Athens during the late nineties and quickly regained speed in Atlanta last year by releasing three 7-inch singles (Elevado, Aviator, Parade), a limited edition cd: "LIVE at ISP" featuring Pistolero, (2006) and reissues of Elevado's first two albums, all available through Stickfigure Distribution.

Unsuspecting recipients of a booking buzz, Elevado and ISP have already welcomed bands including San Diego's the North Atlantic and Sexy Time Explosion (Gold Stand Laboratories), Amersterdam's zZz (Howler Records), Finland's Fun and Antelope (Dischord Records).

Elevado's fourth self-produced album, "This World is on Fire" (April 2007) was conceived while on tour and features an electro-experimental combination of programmed beats, live tracks, four-track recordings and circuit bent fun sounds adding atmosphere to their first concept album. Recommended!

Elevado - The World Is On Fire
Elevado - Postcard From Four Walls Down
Elevado @ MySpace

A Place To Bury Strangers - A Place To Bury Strangers (2007) !!!
Devendra Banhart - Smokey Rolls Down Thunder canyon (2007) !!!
Port-Royal - Afraid To Dance (2007) !!!
Deerhunter - Cryptograms (2007) !!!
Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity (2007) !!!
Neurosis - Given To The Rising (2007) !!!
Loose Fur - Born Again In The USA !!!
+ Chromeo, Mogwai, Dntel, Tim Hecker, Love, Patrick Wolf, Pillow, The Evens,
Roses Never Fade, Caribou, UNKLE, Ulrich Schnauss, William Basinski,
The Chocolate Watchband, Wolf Parade, Mark Templeton, etc.
50 Cent - Curtis (2007)
Talib Kweli - Eardrum (2007)
VA - Ibiza Rocks 2007
DeVotchKa - How It Ends


Anonymous henderson coil said...

Jeezus Ziggy, what's gone wrong? You post a link to Fiddy's shitastic new album (metacritic: 59%) but you dare not include a similar link to KanYe West's Graduation (metacritic: 78%)? Has my head collapsed and is the entire universe folding in on itself now? 50 cent has ties to perennial tween favourite Eminem and he has giant man tits. Kanye, on the other hand is linked to Jay-Z. Plus, he got Takashi Murakami to do his album art, for godsake! Murakami Fucking Takashi!

Also, I officially no longer respect your taste in music. Officially!

50 cent? I mean really.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Ziggy said...

Don't get it wrong. I post the links to music I find by accident. It's not that I upload the music that I prefer or something.

Usually, I google for a group or an album I like and mostly, I come upon some open dir containing a single song of that artist and a bunch of some other artist's albums and songs. Then I post that link. As soon as I find the new Kanye's album, it will be posted in the same way as the others. Notice the !!! marking I use to point to some good, new or rarely posted music.

Finally, I didn't hear neither of those two hip-hop albums since it's not the music I prefer.


10:50 AM  
Anonymous henderson coil said...

Well, thank you very much indeed. I'll have you know hip hop is something I rarely listen to either (I own Jay-Z's The Blueprint and two KanYe West albums, that's it) but it's just that I became swept up in that whole 'rival album' thing they had going between Kanye and that other one (yes, I'm that sad). To me 50 cent embodies everything that's wrong with the world and even though Kanye West is an egomaniacal prat, I do have to say I share most of his, he knows who Murakami is!

Anyway that's for posting a link to his album. I already own it but I'd be good for people who haven’t bought it to have a listen.

And lastly...oh yeah, I didn't even notice that Fiddy didn't even get the red !!!.

Thanks again and keep up the brilliant work.

1:41 PM  
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