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Athens, GA, resident Mathew Houck is the sole member of Phosphorescent. Houck's career began in 2000 when he released the Hipolit album under the name Fillup Shack. A tour of England and Spain followed, and while the European press drew comparisons to Bob Dylan and Will Oldham, the London Evening Standard declared him "the most significant American in his field since Kurt Cobain." Houck's first release as Phosphorescent, entitled "A Hundred Times or More", appeared in 2003. In 2004 he released EP, "The Weight Of Flight". 2005 saw release of Phosphorescent's second full-length, "Aw Come Aw Wry".

Musicians often head to New York - it's a familiar story. But something magical happened when Matthew Houck picked up stakes halfway through making his new Phosphorescent record, "Pride", and moved to Brooklyn from Athens, Georgia. "Pride" is something different. While it's not without the moments of sheer abandon that have made Phosphorescent's work unmistakable-"At Death, A Proclamation" thunders into familiar territory-mostly gone are the messy marching bands and evangelical fervor. Here, Houck instead channels something more mystical and haunting, offering up a dark, meditative set of songs that is all the more spiritual-sounding for its restrained tone. On previous albums, he's recruited guest musicians to fill the gaps, but on "Pride", Houck has only enlisted the services of a makeshift choir, otherwise recording every instrument himself. His achingly cerebral delivery recalls Arthur Russell, but honestly, "Pride" sounds like nothing else we've ever heard. These are poems uttered in an empty field, punctuated by shouts and hollers, as if from a singer either abandoned or possessed. The lyrics are Houck's strongest ever, wrapped in washed out choral etudes that could be channeled from a rural French chapel or a solemn African tribe in prayer. "Pride" sounds like it was made by a man set free. In fact, "Pride" sounds broken free of time and place altogether. Yet still it is warm, familiar, and welcoming-a record to call home. "Pride" will be released on October 23rd via Dead Oceans. Highly Recommended!

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Blogger Cameron Deyhle said...

cheer up fellow.

you don't seem to be on your A game since returning from your vacation.

We like your selections and wish form more triple red !s

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have been looking for years to find phosphorescent on the net....
hope this time it will get more attention, and i'll be able to buy his albums
great artist
and this confirms to me : this site remains one of the best (yup, cameron, ima talkin 2 u...)

7:49 PM  
Blogger Cameron Deyhle said...

just so there is no confusion, i wasnt saying anything negative. just an observation that there werent as many !!!s after listed albums since his return from vacation.

i may have been writing too vague. if so, sorry for any confusion.

i dig this site.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you please reup mark ronson - version... looking for it desperatly

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