Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vincent Vincent And The Villains

Vincent Vincent grew up in Hatch End, an area in the London Borough of Harrow. He later moved to East London's, Bethnal Green and after leaving Art College decided to start a band. In 2003 he formed Vincent Vincent and the Villains and released a limited edition single on Smoking Gun Records in 2004 called 'On My Own'. With the band gaining local notoriety they were then talent spotted by Young And Lost Club, who signed the Villains and put out their second release, 'Blue Boy'. As well as Neill Kidgell on bass and Alex Cox on drums, the band at this time had two frontmen (Vincent himself and Charlie Waller) Waller left shortly after in 2005, to pursue his ambitions with his childhood band, The Rumble Strips. The final months in The Villains were described as "stifling, unpleasant and impossible" and inspired the song 'Johnny Two Bands' which would be the bands first major release, taking the melody from a previous song 'Making Raindrops'. Vincent Vincent found a new bassist and guitarist in Will Church and Tom Bailey (who were friends from college, and with whom Vincent worked in the Ten Bells pub), and the third single - 'I'm Alive' - was released on Young and Lost Club Records in April 2006. This secured a record deal with EMI, with 'Johnny Two Bands' being chosen as the debut single. This was performed on Top of the Pops in October 2006. An album is expected to be released on EMI in February 2008 although no release date has been confirmed. Three singles will be released from the album in October and December 2007 and February 2008.

This week Vincent Vincent and The Villains started their new end of year tour, which will see them playing live until mid November (see the dates listed here). During that time, the band will release next single On My Own on November 12th as another sample of their forthcoming first album Gospel Bombs. Recommended!

Vincent Vincent And The Villains - Johnny Two Bands
Vincent Vincent And The Villains - Blue Boy
Vincent Vincent And The Villains @ MySpace

Vincent Vincent And The Villains - On My Own

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Tom Waits - Closing Time


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