Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Black Tie

After GoMotorCar disbanded in 2004, bassist Roger Apodaca decided to record some songs as a side project. Throughout much of 2004 he recorded his music on his home computer, inviting musicians to lend an ear and take a bit of direction while adding their respective personalities to the individual tracks they would lay down. What started out as a few songs soon grew into an entire album. The project was dubbed Black Tie, and the first album was titled “At Dawn”. The 10 song debut disc featured Apodaca performing much of the instrumentation but also included performances by Ryan Martino (BellyAchers), Dagmar Andrews (GoMotorCar, Skumbaag), Eric Reynolds (Los Brownspots), Paul Newcomb (Los Brownspots), Leonard Apodaca (Scenester, GoMotorCar), Audrey Lee, and Deborah Maldonado. Each musician added their own personal element to the already atmospheric quality of the songs and the end result was an album that was melodic, haunting, and beautiful at the same time.

During much of 2006 and the early part of 2007 Apodaca again hit the studio in the same manor as before with his songs and ideas being expanded upon by various guest musicians; many of which have their own respective well known bands. In working on Black Tie's latest release "Goodbye, Farewell" Apodaca enlisted the help of Ryan Martino in the recording process to help with recording and mixing. Many of the same musicians that appeared on "At Dawn" lend their musical talents to the new project "Goodbye, Farewell". Other musicians that appear on the new album include Ryan Anthony, Sean McCullough, Johnny Cassidy and Justin Ray. The album is set for release July 20, 2007. You can purchace an advance copy on line here.

Fans of GoMotorCar's album "True Tonight" should explore Black Tie as it is a nice follow up to that landmark album. Check It Out!

Black Tie - Wide Open
Black Tie - The Haunting Of Francisco De Goya
Black Tie @ MySpace

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Blogger Ziggy said...

Burial - Untrue (2007) !!!
Goblin - Suspiria OST (1977)

Brooke Waggoner - Fresh Pair Of Eyes [EP] (2007) !!!

Sage Francis - Human The Death Dance (2007) !!!
Burial - Burial !!!
Audio Bullys - Flickery Vision EP (2007)
Dj Shadow - Bay Area EP (2007)
+ Editors, Just Jack, Tying Tiffany, Tocotronic, etc.

Digitalism - Idealism (2007)
Metallica - Live @ Werchter 2007

Sigur Ros - Albums

Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog (2007)

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dying to get Soft "Gone Faded"

any luck seeing it?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ziggy has the best comments, thanks

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Thanks man!

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