Wednesday, December 05, 2007

These New Puritans

These New Puritans (sometimes abbreviated to TNPS) are a four-piece band from Southend-on-sea, consisting of Jack Barnett (vocals, guitar, computer, sound), his twin brother George Barnett (drums, tapes, percussion), Thomas Hein (bass guitar, sampler, backing vocals, percussion) and Sophie Sleigh-Johnson (synthesizers). Their powerful live performances, strong image and literature inspired lyrics have made them favourites of the cutting edge cultural magazines. George Barnett was featured in the NME's 2006 Cool List and GQ Magazine 50 Best Dressed 2007.

In common with their music, These New Puritans' influences are eclectic, and for the most part literary. In a recent interview with The Cuckoo Press Magazine, Jack said that "Wu Tang Clan are massively influential. "'Spitting the code', as Roots Manuva puts it, is what I do". While The Guardian said that "These New Puritans make stern threatening punk inspired by The Fall, Franz Kafka and Elizabethan magician John Dee". However, Jack tends not to use the word "influence" lightly, often stating that he really doesn't think much about influences.

TNPS have been involved with Hedi Slimane making music ("Navigate, Navigate") for the Dior Homme Show 2007. Both the music and the clothes received positive reviews. Interestingly, the band uses the chorus of "Navigate, Navigate" in the single "Colours" from their upcoming album Beat Pyramid. A similar approach is apparent in live versions of "Swords of Truth," in which the band integrates a section of their song "C16" from the Now Pluvial EP. They were also involved with the Junk Club in Southend, where their friends, The Horrors, also frequently played. Nowadays, Jack is involved in the Experimental Circle Club. He has also produced music for South-London-based group Sunni-Geini (June 2007). Recommended!

These New Puritans - Elvis
These New Puritans - Sword Of Truth
These New Puritans @ MySpace

These New Puritans - Elvis

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Blogger Ziggy said...


Days Away - Mapping An Invisible World !!!
Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
The Mars Volta - Amputechture
+ Queen, Rx Bandits, Incubus, Emery, Muse, etc.

Mount Eerie - Live


Texas - The Greatest Hits

Ice Cube, Gang Starr, A Tribe Caleed Quest, etc.

Sublime - Everything Under The Sun

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Great album, just heard it. Chalk another one up for favorite british albums!

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