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A'tris is a Boston-based band who are drawing major comparisons to big names like Muse, Radiohead, R.E.M., the Pixies, Peter Gabriel and David Bowie.

Formed in 2004 in Boston, a'tris released their debut album, appeal, in November of 2005. appeal features songs familiar to fans of their live show including: “Compassion,” “Duality,” and “Cactus Bride.” Due to their musical prowess on stage, the buzz from the band's live show has almost surpassed the great reviews of their album. Taylor and Kreher added co-writer/guitarist Ben Azar to their team in 2006. The current line-up also includes Nate Lueck on guitar and bass and Travis Abelon drums.

On the heels of their August 2007 release Of the Commons, a’tris stayed in creative mode and recorded their second full length album Lensing. 2007 was their most productive release year to date as they digitally released the single 'Orion' in January and had an August 21st street date for the EP, Of the Commons. Lensing will be the band's third release with the support of Mark Records. Mason Taylor, who is a'tris' front man, keyboardist, and primary songwriter, said the band is "very fortunate to be able to be able to continue our relationship" with Mark Records (the Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs). Recommended!

A'tris - Automatic Doors
A'tris - Dark Lotus
A'tris @ MySpace

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Blogger Ziggy said...

Yellowcard, Linkin Park, The Starting Line, Hanson



Carl Craig - Landcruising

Live Electronica

Can - Ege Bamyasi
The Cure - Desintegration

Pulp - This Is Hardcore

The Spinto Band - Nice And Nicely Done

Einstürzende Neubauten, Kraftwerk, The Notwist, Can, etc.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Muse, Emilie Simon, etc.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you!

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Anonymous Marie said...

your musical taste is amazing... keep up the great posts.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone upload the latest American Music Club or BRMC's debut BRMC for me?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again Ziggy, you just amaze me. Great links, Jarvis Cocker was recently in town and altough he didn't play Pulp's, it's great to find it here.

Can you throw me a link to the new RACONTEURS album, Consolers Of The Lonely? ?

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